Dracula: Untold Blue-ray Steelbook Edition

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· Publisher:CX Media
‧ Director:Gary Shore
‧ Actors:<Fast & Furious 6>Luke Evans

‧ Luke Evans: Creating A Legend (19:12)
‧ Alternate Opening1 with Commentary by Director Gary Shore and Production Designer Francois
Audouy2 (2:11)
‧ Deleted Scenes1 with Commentary by Director Gary Shore and Production Designer Francois Audouy
2 (Play All: Vlad Finds Scattered Turkish Armor; Village-Babayaga; Vlad Mesmerizes Ismail; Mehmed
Kills Ismail; Vlad & Mirena: Blood Thirst; Vlad & Cazan: Dead Boys) (13:23)
‧ Day in the Life -Luke Evans (10:03)
‧ Dracula Retold (6:50)
‧ Slaying 1000 (5:00)
‧ The Land Of Dracula (14:00)

Product Details

【Product Details】
‧ Run Time:93 minutes
‧ Classification:PG-6
‧ Number of discs:1

HD 1080P Widescreen 2.40:1

DTS-HD MSTR AUD5.1 English
DTS Digital Surround 5.1 B. Portuguese/Czech/Hungarian/Latin American

Span/Polish/Romanian/Russian/Thai/Turkish/TRAD MAND/SIMP MANDARIN


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